Our Policies

Please keep in mind that all prices are subject to change based on the condition and behavior of the dog. Tailored grooms are an additional cost. Price range is determined by owner's grooming request and condition of coat.

Pain In The Paws Policy

If your pet is extremely hard to control, handle or becomes aggressive, a fee of $5.00 will be added to your bill. This amount can and will be increased at the Groomers and/or Owners discretion. If this fee increases to over $25 then the owner will be called immediately to come and retrieve their pet and further services will refused until the pet has been seen by a vet or has gained control.

Flea Reminder

Per our Client Liability Form,

“If fleas are found on your pet, The Grooming Lady is not licensed to carry or administer medicated shampoos, therefore The Grooming Lady will immediately stop service and contact owner before proceeding with any services.

If fleas are found on your pet, The Grooming Lady will wash the client in regular shampoo that will aide in the removal of the fleas but it will not get rid of the fleas permanently for an additional cost of $20.

Also, if an infestation is found on your pet(s) the staff will administer Cap Guard at an additional cost of $10. The Grooming Lady can apply client provided flea medication.”

Thank you,

The Grooming Lady, LLC