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Pamper Your Pet
at The Grooming Lady
At The Grooming Lady, LLC, we offer a variety of services to keep your pets looking and feeling clean. After all, they deserve the best! Whether you have a dirty pup in need of a wash or a finicky feline who needs to look fabulous, we're the place for you! Our groomers are patient, kind, and utilize the latest techniques and equipment to guarantee optimal results every time.

Listed below are all the services we offer. If you have any specific needs or questions, please free to call us at (980) 429-2570.

*All prices are subject to change based on the condition and behavior of the dog. Tailored grooms are an additional cost. The price range is determined by the owner's grooming requests and the condition of the coat.

Please fill out our required from before your pet's first visit, and keep your pet's information updated every year.

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grooming pricing & packages

hair packages
what's included?
Bath, Ears, Nails, Haircut, & Anal Gland Expression

Weight          Price  














Cats Short Haired$75+up
CatsMedium Haired$85+up
CatsLong Haired$95+up

bath packages
what's included?
Bath, Ears, Nail File, Blow/Brush Out & Sanitary Cut

Weight               Price              







CatsAll Sizes$55+up

other services

The pampering continues with additional services offered at The Grooming Lady, LLC. Treat your pet to all the soothing services they deserve, like our exclusive hydrotherapy sessions, which is pawsitively purrfect for reducing inflammation and inducing relaxation! And don’t miss out on our savvy upgrades and express services. Explore the luxurious extras you can add to your visit with us!

package add-ons
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  • Savvy Upgrade $10 – Premium Shampoo & Conditioner, Facial Scrub, & Teeth Brushed 
  •  Express Service $20 – Your pet goes through first, start to finish for a quick service 
  •  De-Shed $25/ 30 Minutes $50/ 1 Hour 
  •  De-Mat  $1.50 per Minute
  •  Blow Outs $20 for 30 minutes OR $40 for 1 hour 
  •  Paw Over Outline - $15

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  • Nail Dremel $10 
  • Nail Clip $5 
  • Mouth Cleanse $5 
  • Ear Cleanse $5 
  • Ear Pluck $5 
  • Spa Facial $5 
  • External Anal Gland Expression $12 
  • Hair Color/ Glitter $10 + Up 
  • FFF Outline $10 
  • Tear Stain Relaxer $5 
  • Pain N Paws $5.25
  • Complete Shave $25-$40 Depending on the Dogs Coat

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